Student life
Explore interests.
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Student Life

YISS offers a variety of activities and programs to pique students’ interests, develop skills, and extend learning beyond the classroom walls. We believe students who are well-rounded are better prepared for success in the future; thus, our students are offered multiple avenues to shine.

Elementary School Student Life

Elementary school students are natural inquirers, curious about creation and the world around them. They spend an incredible amount of time making sense of how everything fits together and exploring their interests. At YISS, we hope to cultivate that curiosity and interest in various areas.

Middle School Student Life

During the adolescent phase of life, many changes are taking place physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The middle school program is designed to holistically meet the needs of students during this exciting time as they explore and solidify who they are and begin seeking their purpose in life.

High School Student Life

The high school program is designed to challenge students with a level of rigor that prepares them for the demands of the 21st century in a supportive setting. Through our various student programs, they are given the opportunity to think critically, communicate clearly, work collaboratively, and reflect creatively.

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